Staff - Certified

School Year 2019-2020

Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher: will work with students who have a varying assortment of special needs to promote the highest level of academic and social success. This position will require a flexible attitude, an attention to detail, strong communication skills, and good record keeping abilities.

LOCATION: Riverview Elementary/Blackhawk School

REPORTS TO: Building Principal/District Director of Special Education

PAY/BENEFITS/LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT: According to Certified Salary Schedule


  • Keep up to date records on students and their progress towards their goals.

  • Be able to build strong working relationships with  classroom teachers in a variety of different subject areas.

  • Make adaptations and accommodations to daily work, classroom assessments, and district level assessments.

  • Be able to create a schedule to accommodate the needs and time requirements of the caseload.

  • Serve as a resource for the classroom teacher when it comes to dealing with students that have disabilities.

  • Gather student data on a regular basis to assist with evaluations and quarterly updates.

  • Be able to write IEPs and effectively communicate that information to families.


  • Certified to teach students with special needs. LSB1

  • Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with students how have special needs.

  • The ability to make data driven decision for students.

  • Proven leadership skills in the educational setting.  

  • Knowledge of special education regulations and IEPs.

  • Strong oral and written communication skills.  

How to apply:
Please submit a letter of interest, resume, and qualifications to: Scott Fisher, Superintendent; 850 Hayes Ave; South Beloit, IL 61080

2019-2020 Jr. High School Social Studies Teacher

Job Description:
South Beloit Jr. High is seeking a seventh and eighth grade Social Studies teacher on a full-time basis for the 2019-2020 school year.
Candidates must hold an Illinois Elementary or Secondary Teaching License with a sound content knowledge, excellent leadership and communication skills, knowledge of a variety of teaching strategies and exceptional technology skills.
Regionally competitive based on education and experience.
How to apply:
Please submit a letter of interest, resume, and qualifications to: Scott Fisher, Superintendent; 850 Hayes Ave; South Beloit, IL 61080



INSTRUCTIONAL COACH - LITERACY: will promote, reflection, provide guidance and structure where needed, and focus on strengths, collaboration and. common issues of concern. They are responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms. through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching and providing feedback to teachers.

LOCATION: South Beloit High School

REPORTS TO: Building Principal

PAY/BENEFITS/LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT: According to Certified Salary Schedule


  • Model lessons in classrooms on a daily/weekly basis.  

  • Support the instructional development of all teachers in understanding the CCSS curriculum and varied assessments, the Framework for Teaching, and data analysis.  

  • Build strong relationships with teachers, administrators, and other coaches.  Provide direction and coordination for how the curriculum is taught consistent with District initiatives and recognized best instructional practices.  

  • Create an articulated schedule with building principal.    

  • Assist teachers with resources, materials, tools, information, etc. to support classroom instruction and planning, including new resources.  

  • Support teachers and administrators in using data to improve instruction in all content areas.

  • Assist teachers with planning and pacing of lessons, the development of differentiated lessons, and the selection of best practices to meet the needs of their students.  

  • Support teachers by helping with the ―strategic how of teaching -- share multiple instructional strategies/processes with teachers during planning times.

  • Informally observe (non-evaluative) lessons and provide feedback for a teacher’s professional growth and students’ success.  

  • Develop staff members’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through a variety of professional development targeted topics and designs.  

  • Develop coaching plans for teachers to ensure student improvement.   

  • Contribute to the development systems and structures to improve teacher practice within schools.  

  • Provide job-embedded informal professional learning beyond the coaching responsibility.  

  • Submit a weekly coaching log and any pertinent data requests/coaching documentation.  

  • Attend summer training sessions.


  • Certified to teach and background in Reading/Literacy

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience teaching, with a record of successfully impacting student achievement and working successfully with students who have the greatest needs.  

  • Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, including the ability to create and nurture a professional community of adult learners.

  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills, including giving and receiving constructive feedback.  

  • Proven ability in using student-level data to guide instructional decisions.

  • Demonstrated Teacher Leadership.  

  • Strong pedagogical knowledge and content expertise.  

  • Demonstrated expertise in oral and written communication.  

  • Strong interpersonal skills.  

  • Models continual improvement, demonstrates lifelong learning, and applies new learning to help all students achieve.  

  • Demonstrates evidence of professional growth, including leadership and participation in a wide range of significant professional development activities.


  • Improve student and teacher performance in targeted areas as identified.

  • Increase in Professional Learning opportunities and participation of staff across the district.  

  • Change in teaching practices.


                            DISTRICT WIDE ESL TEACHER

Type of Employment:Part-time permanent
Job Category:Bilingual/ESL
Grade Level:District wide
Salary/Benefits:Based upon education and experience per union contract.
Duties:Responsible for teaching language acquisition to elementary students. Must be a certified Teacher in the state of IL. 
How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send cover letters, resumes and letters of recommendation to Scott Fisher, Superintendent
South Beloit District Office 850 Hayes Ave., South Beloit, IL 61080.